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Cirrom Overview

Contact data is the backbone of marketing communication and compliance in organisations of all sizes but it also represents a single point of failure.

Bad contact data leads to bad outcomes and whilst the solution might ultimately be simple e.g. fix it, resolution based on human effort alone can be time consuming and limited.   


Cirrom has been created to automatically deal with the time consuming complexities of data quality by identifying problems, filling blank fields, fixing data errors, managing data duplication and helping ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions. It’s like having an army of CRM and data operatives working for you 24/7/365. Cirrom focusses on 2 key issues, Data Quality and Data Compliance.

Data Quality


Cirrom is intelligent software that learns the more it is used. It is learning the structures that underpin your contacts like naming or email conventions, it is even identifying location and possible job changes that have not been picked up all helping to make your contact record more complete and accurate. 

Cirrom Works in 4 Easy Steps


Contacts are reviewed either via integration with CRM or other relevant marketing technologies or by uploading a specific contact list. Cirrom holds no client data at any stage.


Cirrom gets to work identifying errors like empty fields, duplicate entries, and structure errors and makes recommendations for appropriate action.


Errors can be fixed automatically or flagged for further action. The choice is yours. We make this choice easier by adding a confidence probability score. You can decide what to do based on the score and as you set the rules, you decide  what factors are appropriate to determine that score. In this way you can have as much hands-on involvement or as little as you want or need but you are always in complete control of your contact data at all times.


Cirrom provides a detailed report identifying any outstanding actions required, the current health of your data, the improvements made and the impacts those improvements have had on the size of your available contact list. It becomes your complete insight into contact data quality.

Data Compliance


There are now dozens of data privacy regulations around the world: GDPR in Europe, PIPL in China, CASL in Canada, CCPA in California; and each organisation will conduct its own risk assessment and make rules about how contacts need to be properly managed in each territory.


Cirrom can automatically check on a contact location and then run rules based on your own framework to ensure contacts are handled appropriately by your marketing teams. These rules will likely be slightly different in each territory.

Considerations when creating these rules will be:


  • Which data privacy regulations that apply

  • Interpretation of these regulations

  • Industry and additional industry regulations

  • Do existing client get treated differently

  • Is consent required, how long before existing consent expires and what happens then

  • Date of last consent and when consent will be needed again

  • Is the contact engaging with communications

  • The firm’s own communication best practices


Cirrom will allow you to create different rules for different territories, implement them and then monitor each contact to make sure explicit permission email campaigns are triggered from your marketing platform long before consent expires. If a contact doesn’t re-engage, Cirrom can be set to ensure no marketing is delivered after the cut-off date.

Problems Cirrom Solves


Continual Data Degradation

Contact data comes from a variety of sources and goes bad very quickly. It's a problem that must always be worked on but time available for people to do it is often limited. Cirrom solves this by working in the background maintaining data quality 24/7/365.


Human Error

To err is to be human so it is said, a phrase very relevant for those in data management. Small mistakes in contact data can lead to the complete inability to communicate with clients and contacts. Cirrom solves this by learning the correct structure for contact identification and either highlighting the error or correcting it automatically. 


Bad Data Backlog

Because data has a shelf life and is always degrading, it can be a struggle to keep on top of. The reality for most organisations is that there is always a backlog and so communication potential is limited by the size of that backlog. Cirrom technology solves this by acting like a team of data operatives working in the background helping you to keep on top of data quality 24/7.


Orphaned Contacts

Contacts without a company associated can cause problems when persuing sector based marketing campaigns. Cirrom fixes this by using the email address of the contact to populate the missing company field.


Job Movers

People move roles and if this has not been identified, it can be a real problem for your communication efforts. Cirrom can help solve this with a Linkedin look up capability that can quickly work to identify the latest in job title and organisation to update the quality of your contact records.


Duplicate Contacts

It is not uncommon for the same contact to be entered into a CRM multiple times often with very minor differences. Cirrom solves this by identifying the potential duplicates and highlighting the problem or by automatically merging the contacts into a single entry so you don’t contact the same person multiple times with the same message. 


Empty Location Fields 

There is often a lack of consistency in data entry and location is one of those fields that is frequently empty. This leads to an inability to segment lists and send communication based on location which can be a big limitation for marketing communication. Cirrom can use identifying details like postcode or telephone number to make location suggestions which can be reviewed or changed automatically. 


Contact List Reduction 

Bad contact data is an automatic dampener on marketing potential because the available contact assets effectively shrink. It’s a real waste of opportunity. Cirrom fixes this by working continuously in the background to identify problems and fix them automatically where permissions are given in order to maximise the size of the available contact base.


Compliance Risk Identification 

Data compliance is an issue which affects all marketing teams to a greater or lesser extent and requires constant monitoring especially for those organsations working internationally. Cirrom helps by identifying the jurisdictions your contacts belong to which allows you to identify specific compliance guidelines that may apply before marketing communications are sent. 

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