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We answer some of your top questions...

Does Cirrom take long to implement?

Cirrom is fast to implement but we always advise that it will take about 4 weeks before it begins to fully learn your data formats and make effective correction recommendations.


What happens with my data?

Your data never leaves. All the work is carried out on the client side.


Is it safe to use?

Cirrom is very safe because the data is held within your own firewall meaning all the work happens internally not externally.


Does Cirrom integrate with my CRM?

Yes. Cirrom does integrate with multiple CRM products. Contact us to find out if we integrate with yours.


How accurate is Cirrom? 

No product is 100% accurate in the sames way no human is but Cirrom provides you accuracy probability which over time you can use to consider whether you need to review a suggestion Cirrom has made or to allow it to automatically correct.


Is Cirrom easy to use? 

Yes. It is a simple but powerful product designed to work in the background so you don’t have to.


How much control do I have over Cirrom?

You have complete control over Cirrom. You can set your own accuracy probability score and decide when to do a manual double check to ensure Cirrom’s suggestions are accurate or to just allow Cirrom to get on with the job . The choice and the control is all yours.


Are there safeguards to prevent mistakes?

Yes. Cirrom will not make any changes unless you allow it. You are always in control and that way mistakes are mitigated. For extra security in the event of human error, there is also a rollback function.


How does Cirrom self learn?

We have developed a special AI algorithm that is becoming more intelligent, the more data it sees. So the more you use Cirrom, the smarter it gets and the harder it works for you.

Can Cirrom work with more than marketing contact data?

Cirrom can work with any data source which holds client and contact records. Usually contact data is held in a CRM but other sources can include marketing, compliance or finance platforms. For most clients we initially integrate Cirrom into a clients CRM (or CRMs) and then if required integrate other sources of contact data, but Cirrom's AI can work with any source of contacts.

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