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With the right contact data great things can happen!

On a mission to eliminate bad contact data in professional services firms and make CRM and marketing teams more successful.

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Built by marketing junkies with a combined 80 years plus legal and professional services marketing experience, Cirrom marks the latest advancement in contact data management and control.
So what is Cirrom?
An automated self learning technology that identifies errors in your marketing contact data and corrects them for you. It is that simple.


What we offer

Contact Fixing 

Fully automated self learning data quality technology that works for you 24/7/365 and gets smarter the more it works.


Continuous data management means more relationship ready contacts and more marketing  opportunity.


Integrations with all the leading CRM and marketing platforms providing a consistent solution. 

Health Scoring

Comprehensive reporting on data health so you can see quickly how healthy your data is and how it is improving over time.

Making CRM, Marketing and Business Development teams more successful

Whilst CRM, data and marketing teams work hard to resolve contact inaccuracies, contact data can never be totally correct because no one is working on the problem 100% of the time. 
This means contact potential is limited and relationships damaged because inaccurate CRM data  is being used to drive communication initiatives.  What a waste!
That's where Cirrom comes in.

Who has Cirrom been built for?

Did we mention that Cirrom is self learning?

Cirrom learns the naming and email address conventions of your clients and contacts, making it easy to spot mistakes or duplicates and then either offer a high probability correction option or correct the data  automatically for you. In other words it is getting smarter the more data it looks at but doesn't suffer from data fatigue and overwork.


It’s like having an army of CRM managers working for you 24/7 all focused on making sure your contact data is ready for business. 




Integrations & Partners

Working with the leading providers of CRM and marketing technology to ensure your experience is seamless and integrated.

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Explore our features...

  • Simple dashboard giving you complete control of all your contact data and important action items.

  • Global Heatmap identifying the contacts you have in which geographic jurisdictions. This can help you manage your compliance needs.

  • Health score to show how your data has improved using Cirrom.

  • Cirrom impact charts showing where corrections have been made.

  • Probability scores identifying how certain Cirrom is about the data corrections made.

  • Self learning technology that works 24/7/365 and improves over time.

  • Easy integration allowing you to connect to your CRM product.

  • Easy data upload allowing specialized list to be checked.

and benefits...

  • Accurate contact data 24/7.

  • Faster more accurate workflow and unlimited workload.

  • No data fatigue - Cirrom never gets tired nor will it make fatigue errors.

  • More reliable marketing programs with better results.

  • Less risk of embarrassing contact errors.

  • Significant time saving compared to managing contact data manually.

  • Significant cost saving compared to the traditional route of adding more bodies to solve the problem. 

  • Early warning of potential data compliance problems.

Get ready for better contact data
with Cirrom

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