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How Cirrom is Transforming TLT’s Data Quality and Providing Important CRM Insight

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Top 40 UK law firm, TLT LLP, selected Cirrom to support their ongoing commitment to improving data quality and data compliance.

After integrating with LexisNexis® InterAction®, Cirrom provided a full report and health score on the quality of the data within TLT's CRM. In order to automatically fix existing data and as well as new data entered, a series of automated rules were agreed on an implemented.

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Lisa Price, Head of Marketing at TLT


"Cirrom's health score gives us an accurate picture of the size and type of data issues. Not only that, it suggests which changes are needed to improve that score, and then enables you to make those changes. Running Cirrom across our entire CRM gives me confidence that our data is accurate and up-to-date, empowering our CRM Manager to focus on more strategic work.

Onboarding was rapid. We've been supported at every stage, and the whole process has been simple and painless."

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Kealey Town, CRM Manager at TLT

"It was really exciting to run through Cirrom's initial report and see examples of the changes suggested. Using Cirrom's technology will drastically decrease the time it takes to identify and fix contact data problems.

Cirrom really is leading the way in providing busy CRM Managers like myself the data tools I need to be much (much!) more efficient."

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