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How Cirrom and InterAction work together

Cirrom is used by some of the largest Law Firms in the world to automatically find and fix errors in their CRM. Cirrom is an AI which mimics the work of a data steward to:

  • Fill blank contact fields

  • Correct bounced email addresses

  • Correct errors in contact records

  • Merge duplicates

  • Fix formatting

  • Correct orphaned contacts

  • Enrichment from 3rd party data sources

How Cirrom works with DCM Ticketing


Cirrom works within the DCM framework on all changes made. When an error is found Cirrom will identify a suggested change. Depending on the nature of the change it can make an update automatically or create a ticket for a human to review.

Whether the change happens automatically or via an approved DCM ticket there is a full audit trail and roll back within InterAction.


Why Cirrom?


On average over 40% of records in any InterAction instance has at least 1 error in a contact record. No matter how many data stewards exist in a team, its simply not feasible for a team to find and fix all of the errors. By using Cirrom firms can expect:

  • Improved Email Marketing results

  • Improved Opportunity and Campaign targeting

  • Better relationships with key groups (such as Alumni)

  • Reputational protection


Why don’t you see for yourself how Cirrom works with InterAction?

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